WE ARE a Masonic Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons chartered February 11, 1953 AD (5953 AL) holden under the Grand Lodge of the Commonwealth of VA

Elmer Timberman Masonic Lodge No. 54, AF&AM

Standing Committees

2020 Officers

Lodge Education Officer (LEO)
Jason W. Lotz, PM, (703) 303-2805 
Lodge Instructor of Work (LIW)
Joseph Eugene Millirons, PM, (571) 274-3221
Investigating Committee Chair
As DIrected
Funeral Coordinator
Jason M. Himsey, PM, (703) 980-2769
Masonic Home Ambassador
Michael Riley, PDDGM, (703) 379-7923
Blood Coordinator
Nelson Figueroa-Velez, (202) 288-2213
Community Liaison
 Nelson Figueroa-Velez, (202) 288-2213 
Stewards Committee Chair
 Ray V. Kasey
Scholarship Corporation President
Nelson Figueroa-Velez, (202) 288-2213
Timberman Temple Corporation President
Robert Pacific

Timberman Temple Corporation Board of Directors

Secretary, Bob Rainey (Term 2021)
Treasurer, Mike Elkins (Term 2020)
Jason W. Lotz, PM (Term 2022)
Robert Pacific (Term 2021)
Building Superintendent
Nelson Figueroa-Velez, (202) 288-2213
Masonic Family Coordinator
Sick / Sunshine Committee
Pablo A. Rocha, PM, (571) 490-6932
Past Masters Committee
John Shroeder, Jr. PDDGM, (703) 321-7047

OES Ambassador
Jason M. Himsey, PM, (703) 980-2769 
Royal Arch Ambassador
Ray V. Kasey
Scottish Rite Ambassador
Mark E. Coldren, PM

Grotto Ambassador

Jason M. Himsey, PM, (703) 980-2769
Shriners Ambassador

Jason W. Lotz, PM, (703) 303-2805

Community Builder Award Leader
Jason M. Himsey, PM, (703) 980-2769

Widows Committee Chair

Jason M. Himsey, PM, (703) 980-2769

Rossville Visit Coordinator
Jason M. Himsey, PM, (703) 980-2769 

Worshipful Master
Jason M. Himsey, (703) 980-2769, WM(at)etl54.org 
Senior Warden
Nelson Figueroa-Velez, (202) 288-2213, SW(at)etl54.org   

Junior Warden
Raymond V. Kasey, (202) 230-9563, JW(at)etl54.org 
Jason W. Lotz, PM, (703) 303-2805, Treasurer(at)etl54.org​
Mark E. Coldren, PM, (703) 303-2335, Secretary(at)etl54.org​
Senior Deacon
Robert Pacific, SD(at)etl54.org ​
Junior Deacon
Tom Paull, II, (571) 251-8914, JD(at)etl54.org 
David Tweedale, Chaplain(at)etl54.org​
Senior Steward

Vacant, SS(at)etl54.org

Junior Steward
Vacant, JS(at)etl54.org 
Michael Elkins, Marshal(at)etl54.org 
Pablo A. Rocha, PM, (571) 490-6932, Tiler(at)etl54.org 


  • John Shroeder, Jr. PDDGM
  • Michael Riley, PDDGM
  • Mark Coldren, PM 

Jason M. Himsey, PM, (703) 980-2769