Officers and Standing Committees

2023 Officers

Worshipful Master
Raymond Vance Kasey

Senior Warden
David Tweedale

Junior Warden
Gianfranco Barbaran Maravi

Jason W. Lotz, PM

Jason M. Himsey, PM, (703) 980-2769, Secretary.etl54(at)

Senior Deacon
Fernando Salas

Junior Deacon
Thomas Paull, II

Michael Thomas Elkins

Senior Steward
Joe Saldana

Junior Steward

Manuel Ramiro Burgos Moncada

Pablo A. Rocha, PM    

Michael Riley, PDDGM
Joe Millirons, PM
Mark Coldren, PM

Fernando Salas

Standing Committees

Lodge Education Officer (LEO)
Jason W. Lotz, PM

Lodge Instructor of Work (LIW)
Joseph Eugene Millirons, PM

Funeral Coordinator
Jason M. Himsey, PM

Masonic Home Ambassador
Michael Riley, PDDGM

Blood Coordinator
 Nelson Figueroa-Velez, PM

Community Liaison
 Nelson Figueroa-Velez, PM

Stewards Committee Chair
Bro Gianfranco Maravi

Scholarship Committee
Administered by the Timberman Temple Corporation

Timberman Temple Corporation
- President: BRO Bob Rainey( End of Term 2024)
- Secretary/Treasure: WB Jason M. Himsey
- WB Mark Coldren, PM (End of Term 2023)
- BRO Manuel Ramiro Burgos-Moncada (End of Term 2024)
-WB  Nelson Figueroa-Velez ( End of Term 2025)
- WOR Raymond Vance Kasey (Defacto,  WM End of Term 2023)
- BRO David Tweedale (Defacto, SW End of Term 2023)
- BRO Gianfranco Maravi (Defacto, JW, End of Term 2023)
- Building Superintendent: Nelson Figueroa-Velez
- Building Engineer: TBD
- Bookkeeper: WB Jason M. Himsey, PM

Masonic Family Coordinator
 Nelson Figueroa-Velez ,PM

Sick / Sunshine Committee
Pablo A. Rocha, PM, (571) 490-6932

OES Ambassador
Jason M. Himsey, PM

Royal Arch Ambassador
Ray V. Kasey, PM

Scottish Rite Ambassador
Mark E. Coldren, PM

Grotto Ambassador
Jason M. Himsey, PM

Shriners Ambassador
Jason W. Lotz, PM,

Community Builder Award Leader
Jason M. Himsey, PM

Widows Committee Chair
Jason M. Himsey, PM

Rossville Visit Coordinator
Jason M. Himsey, PM

Elmer Timberman Lodge No 54


6911 Columbia Pike
Annandale, VA 22003, US

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